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Cutting Energy Costs: Making Use of Solar Power

With both gas and electric energy prices in the UK facing dangerous waters as the energy price cap bill takes effect, energy suppliers are becoming more aggressive when it comes to increasing their rates. Spearheading the increase in prices is British Gas, prompting smaller companies to do the same. Choosing to go solar in Cheshire and many other places may not be that far beyond the norm in the next few years.

The state of London

London is currently being led by Sadiq Kahn’s initiative of bills and legislation working towards a greener London. His ambition of a zero-carbon emission capital by 2050 might seem to be far-fetched now, but his numerous projects have made a significant impact in surrounding areas. Taking notes from his predecessor, Boris Johnson, Kahn has managed to implement various green projects such as the installation of public water fountains in efforts to reduce PET bottle waste and the building of green areas for parks to aid in reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Effects on energy consumption

Kahn’s projects aren’t just for show, as bills leading to the continuation of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone are staying active through prohibiting older models of vehicles that don’t comply with Euro 4 and 3 emission controls to be present in the capital, incurring a fee when caught.

Residences and offices are becoming wary when it comes to their energy costs. Establishments with older models of boilers are soon to be fined due to the excessive energy usage that they result in, leading homeowners to update their appliances and regulate their energy expenses. Paired up with the rising energy prices by energy suppliers, the awareness of strict energy regulations have led companies to consistently and competitively raise their prices until Ofgem takes the initiative to regulate the energy price cap for both commercial and residential contracts.

How do solar panels work?

For you to keep your business afloat, sticking to a variable rate contract might not be your best option as you might still be affected by the fluctuating energy prices which will only get worse from here. Looking for alternative energy sources to power your business operations might take a massive chunk off your energy costs while keeping your expenses to the minimum.

Solar panels make use of the energy of the sun by absorbing daylight into silicon imbued inside photovoltaic cells, or PV cells for short. The consumed photons power up the electrons contained within the silicon which is used as an energy source for transfer to appliances.

In contrast to traditional forms of energy transfer such as electricity, the actual electric bill you receive already has cuts from losses that you don’t even use. You pay for electricity that was lost during the transfer from the main generator to the power grid and then to your home! The most advantageous benefit of solar panels as an energy source is that they aren’t connected to the national grid which means that unused energy that remains in the electrical current can travel to other homes in a network of currents that produce less waste.

Image:  Pixabay.com

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